Can I bake a lasagna for half the time now, go to church, then resume the baking after church? (Do not have a programmable oven.)



Smaug December 24, 2016
Wella wella- lots of dishes out there going by the name lasagana. The best way to do it is assemble the lasagna hot and bake for about 15 min. (just to brown the top really). If you just want to heat it up (assembled in advance) then you'd need to do it in one step- no sense heating it and letting it cool and heating it again. If there's something in the center that you actually need to cook, you should probably stick strictly to your recipe- if you stop and restart, the heat will have to travel to the center again and the results are difficult to predict.
Smaug December 24, 2016
Which, in retrospect, adds up to "no"- really no circumstances where it would be a good idea. Usually what you get from that sort of process is an overcooked outside and, likely, still undercooked inside.
Henry A. December 24, 2016
Since you begin baking a lasagna with foil over it, you can bake for 25 min. covered, remove from oven and let rest until you return, then bake uncovered for another 25-35 minutes in a pre-heated oven.
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