How long do homemade crackers keep when stored in an airtight container? I made the Parmesan crackers (butter, flour, freshly grated Parmesan) from the Essential NYT Cookbook last night and am wondering how long they could last if I made another batch to have on hand. This is my first go with homemade crackers, so I'd appreciate any advice!

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Amanda H. February 8, 2011
We've debated this at food52 and the consensus is that they'd last for a while, at least 2 weeks. Not sure where you live but if it's humid, you may need to re-toast them in the oven. Otherwise, they should stay fairly crisp because they're essentially a savory sable cookie.
ChefDaddy February 8, 2011
I make a cracker similar to this for canapes and I do make them ahead of time and seal in an airtight container and pop into a 350F oven for just a minute before serving.
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