What is causing my homemade crackers to go pale over time?

I was making homemade crackers with a recipe online. I was going to give them as a gift basket but they turned a pale color. What is causing them to go pale over time?



Lori T. January 6, 2021
Generally speaking, crackers and other baked goods will show changes in their appearance due to going stale. Going stale doesn't involve moisture loss, it's actually a process where there are changes in the structure of the starches, sugars and proteins in the food. It may be you are seeing crystallization of some of those components that give the crackers a paler look.
Nancy January 6, 2021
Some more information will help us figure out the problem and maybe suggest solutions.
What kind of recipe (please provide a link if possible)?
crackers lose color over what period of time?
how do they taste (before and after loosing color or all the same)?
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