How can i substitute 1/2 cup corn flour for cornstarch?



caninechef December 29, 2016
Is the recipe from England roots by chance? I think we have been through this before that in England ( Europe?) corn flour is what is called cornstarch in the US, Not corn meal or masa. However you probably could at least test out the similarity in function of your corn flour by trying to thicken liquid with it by the same ratios/ method as that used for corn starch. I usually eyeball it so I can't provide any ration such as X tablespoons of cornstarch to 1 cup liquid.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 29, 2016
Oh okay, I'm guessing the cornstarch is being used to make a slurry to seal the spring rolls, yes? If so, then you could use an egg wash instead.
Experimentalcooker December 29, 2016
No the corn flour is being added to make the dough for the spring roll wrappers, i don't think egg wash can work
Lindsay-Jean H. December 29, 2016
In that case, I think tapioca starch might be the best substitute for corn starch, though I haven't tried it myself.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 29, 2016
I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this yet. Did you already make a substitution? Were you trying to thicken something? In the U.S. at least, corn flour and cornstarch are different, so there might be a better substitution option depending on the dish.
Experimentalcooker December 29, 2016
I cancelled the dish, i hope you can help me. The dish is spring roll what i can use to substitute the corn flour?
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