Not sure if this is a question for this site but, if I made a salad with cucumbers, mozzarella cheese and vinegrette dressing will it be ok after leaving it out for 7 hours?



AntoniaJames September 17, 2010
Good call, pierino! ;o)
pierino September 16, 2010
Fresh mozzarella or low moisture? Crucial difference. The former will get way skanky over 7 hours without refrigeration. As in it's going to begin to ferment in a not so pleasant way. Would you drink milk that you left out for seven hours?
AntoniaJames September 16, 2010
It should be fine, though the cucumbers may not as crispy/crunchy as they would be if you'd refrigerated it. This assumes that ambient temperature is rather moderate, i.e., wasn't above 90 degrees. ;o)
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