00 Flour

Recently I have seen many recipes that call for 00 flour. I know it is superfine flour, but where (in Portland, Oregon) can I purchase it? Thanks! BB



Smaug January 18, 2017
There are also quite a few brands and varieties available on Amazon- a pretty expensive way to buy groceries in general, but some are Amazon Prime eligible, and they will deliver anywhere.
BerryBaby January 18, 2017
Ok, so if I'm making Gnocchi, 00 flour. What about pizza? I've used bread flour and it turns out really well, better than using All-purpose IMO. What results would I get using 00? Crispier?
Smaug January 18, 2017
I've slowly changed from using bread flour for pizza crust to a combo of AP and rye (not an Italian thing, so far as I know) and find that it really works better- I think I'll blow for some 00 and give it a try- I suspect much of the difference will be in how the dough handles- whether you roll or stretch, spring back is a nuisance. My impression is that it will tend to be softer and puffier, which is in line with Italian practice but isn't really the way I like it.
Jennifer W. January 18, 2017
Surprisingly, my local Walmart started carrying a small bag of 00 flour
BerryBaby January 21, 2017
Thank you! I went there today and found it also! Excited to try it this weekend. Saved me a lot of running around.
Smaug January 17, 2017
Some poking around on Wikipedia produced some interesting material- Semolina flour is actually produced from middlings- the leftovers (including germ) of milling white flour from Durum wheat (a high protein variety), which I suppose accounts for the name semolina. According to a usually reliable source (Giuliano Bugialli) it's primary use in pasta is for commercial, machine made pastas as softer flours couldn't handle the rough handling of the large machines. According to their list, )) flour is a very low protein flour (9 %) roughly equivalent to American pastry flour- I wearied of the chase before finding anything about how it's milled.
Smaug January 17, 2017
Sorry, that's 00 flour, not )). Still waiting for the @%$& edit function.
BerryBaby January 18, 2017
Thanks, Smaug! Wonderful information!
BerryBaby January 17, 2017
Thanks, everyone for all the new information. I am not familiar with the 00 flour and all these comments and tips have helped tremendously. I'll check out Whole Foods as they are the closest and go from there. I'll post next week with my success (hopefully!)
BerryBaby January 14, 2017
What about Bob's Red Mill Semolina flour? I looked up all their flour products and this says it is for making pasta. Can't find if it is 00.
pierino January 14, 2017
Semolina is fine for making pasta. But you would use 00 for pizza. It depends on what you are using it for. With egg in the mix you can make a nice silken pasta using 00 also.
pierino January 14, 2017
Semolina is fine for making pasta. But you would use 00 for pizza. It depends on what you are using it for. With egg in the mix you can make a nice silken pasta using 00 also.
BerryBaby January 15, 2017
Want to make Gnocchi using Scott Conants recipe and use 00 flour. Looked delicious.
pierino January 16, 2017
Semolina is not good for traditional Northern Italia style gnocchi. But there is also gnocchi alla Romana which is suis generis; semolina dumplings baked in the oven.
QueenSashy January 16, 2017
Bob's Red Mil Semolina and Antimo Caputo 00 are not the same. As a matter of fact they are two very different flours. Per pierino, I would not use semolina for silken pasta, it is better for pasta that is meant to be robust and chewy. 00 is exactly the opposite. Plus the pizza.
Smaug January 14, 2017
Also Sur La Table, at a heavy price.
hardlikearmour January 14, 2017
Providore carries Antimo Caputo brand, New Seasons and Whole Foods carry other brands 00 flour.
pierino January 14, 2017
You can order it through King Arthur. But also check out any shops that specialize in Italian or European food products.
BerryBaby January 14, 2017
Thanks, pierino!
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