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Anyone has any ideas of what to use lemon zest strips for? I'm thinking candied...Any other suggestions?

asked by Marnely almost 6 years ago
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Under the skin of chicken (whole or in parts) for roasting or sauteeing, in ttea, in simple syrup, added to sugar to produce a lemon-flavored sugar, in a jar with vodka to produce a lemon extract, slivered and added to cookie dough.

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They go well with big, fat green olives. And of course citrus and olives are this week's theme. Deadline tomorrow.

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Great in rice pudding. Or in a glass of sweet vermouth, on the rocks.

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Make simple syrup, add lemon zest strips and let steep. It's a great beginning for homemade lemonade and also for splashing into fresh brewed iced tea.

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added almost 6 years ago

Keep in a bag in freezer and add to any (or all) of the above

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Add one to applesauce as you cook it. It's also great added to lentils or lentil soup as you cook them. Or your chai brew, if you make chai from scratch. Or rice. Or quinoa. Or homemade bitters.

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added almost 6 years ago

Foodies, thank you so much for all the great ideas! And the recipe is perfect since we just made fresh ricotta! I've been soaking the zests in vodka for extract making :) gracias!