Frozen Veggie Bag is a Balloon!

Help! I bought a bag of frozen mushrooms last month to have on hand. I opened the freezer to find it is now fully inflated like a balloon! Will it explode? Safe to eat? Toss it? What's happened?



BerryBaby January 25, 2017
I opened it, carefully, and yes, wore glasses. My vision of mushrooms did not come to be, thank goodness! It was a stuck together glob of mushrooms encased in ice, so I tossed it. Didn't smell too badly, but wasn't sure what frozen mushrooms are suppose to smell like. When in doubt, throw it out. I'll stick with fresh and only buy them when needed. Thanks, everyone! BB
Nancy January 25, 2017
Maybe not bad.
See this article on freezing, ice, expansion.
Also cautions against storing vegetables on door of freezer.
BerryBaby January 25, 2017
Thank you! Not stored in the door. Think I'll wear safety glasses when I open them! LOL Don't want to get hit by flying mushrooms! Going to toss them just to be safe.
Dan D. February 10, 2021
I did store a bag of frozen mushrooms in the freezer door - what's unusual about that? After popping open the inflated bag, nothing smelled strange. I ate it and no problems at all. It was perfectly safe.
C S. January 25, 2017
Sounds like something is fermenting and giving off gas of some kind. I'd open it just to find out what it smells like but would toss them.
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