Can you substitute black cod with cod?

Miso Black Cod
Recipe question for: Miso Black Cod


Susan W. January 28, 2017
I made it with halibut several times. Perfection!!
Elizabeth January 28, 2017
I've made this recipe with with salmon a few times- it works very well- but not with plain cod for the reasons others have mentioned.
amysarah January 26, 2017
I agree with the above suggestions. I've also made this sort of recipe with Arctic Char and trout fillets.
QueenSashy January 26, 2017
I agree with Jan... Cod is a bit too flaky for this recipe, because black cod (sablefish) has much denser texture. Salmon might work well too. I've seen a lot of recipes that subbed salmon for sablefish in black cod miso.
Jan W. January 26, 2017
I suppose you could, but it might work better for a fish that is a little bit denser. I would try halibut, cobia, snapper, striped bass, or even mackerel if you don't mind a fish that's slightly more oily (I think the marinade described in the recipe would balance that out well enough).
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