Mixing ingredients for a cheesecake and can't get the lumps out that look like cottage cheese! Help!

  • Posted by: Melissa
  • January 31, 2017


aquarians2 September 16, 2019
Blender works like a charm.
PieceOfLayerCake February 1, 2017
Everything should be absolutely room temperature, without exception. For traditional NY cheesecake, I beat the cream cheese on LOW, add the sugar on LOW, add in the eggs on LOW and then the sour cream/vanilla/zest/etc. on LOW. It gives you superior texture, in my mind. In order to do this, everything has to have been sitting out for a few hours.

With this current situation, as ktr mentioned, your best bet is to strain it....although I recommend a fine mesh strainer. You may lose some of your batter, but you'll get rid of most of the lumps.
ktr January 31, 2017
You could try putting the mix through a colander to get the lumps out.
foofaraw January 31, 2017
The cream cheese might be cold. Put the batter in a high speed blender.
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