I put too much sugar in my pot roast gravy. It doesn't have that better acid tasted it should. What should I do

This happened because I used a jar of onion and garlic jam that didn't have enough vinegar. I am nervous to just add vinegar to the gravy but maybe I should…

  • Posted by: Doris
  • February 1, 2017


Smaug February 2, 2017
Apparently I'm the only one (what, again?), but it seems to me that adding sour elements is more apt to emphasize the sweetness than otherwise. Then again, this pot roast recipe is seemingly headed in directions beyond my ken.
Nancy February 2, 2017
Or, divide your current batch of gravy in two, saving half for another use.
Then proceed to doctor the retained half by adding vinegar as AJ suggests, maybe some broth, wine, tomatoes mushrooms, onions. These elements will both reduce and diffuse the sweetness.
Please let us know how it works out.
Smaug February 1, 2017
A bit of unsweetened chocolate or cocoa can be helpful in these situations.
AntoniaJames February 1, 2017
Add vinegar, a bit at a time, stirring it in well to blend. You could also add a touch of tomato paste. I'd probably add a bit of both. ;o)
Doris February 1, 2017
Thanks for your response
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