Can I substitute the almonds with chopped pecans?



maggielynne February 12, 2017
This recipe clearly calls for sliced almonds (as the picture also shows) not slivered almonds. Slivered almonds are thicker than sliced.
Smaug February 4, 2017
It would probably make a decent cookie, but Greenspan's recipe seems to rest largely on the flavor and texture of toasted almonds, which are very distinct from raw almonds.
foofaraw February 4, 2017
would it works if I use toasted pecans?
Smaug February 5, 2017
Same answer, really- it would probably make a decent enough cookie, and I would prefer if the author would weigh in, but it seems to me that this recipe is aimed at the specific properties of slivered pecans. I doubt that you could sliver pecans anyway, but don't throw them out; there are a lot of terrific pecan cookie recipes, though most will require you to grind the pecans.
Smaug February 5, 2017
that's "properties of slivered pecans"... Slow day here- I checked the comments on the recipe (always a good idea, by the way, if you have questions)- several people do mention using the recipe with all sorts of things- not surprising, it's pretty much just glued together with egg white; you could use ball bearings. I think that slivered almonds would make something special, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try pecans I don't think you'll get much crackle, though.
foofaraw February 5, 2017
Thank you! I will hold off on making the cookies until I know if I can use the pecans or have chance to go to supermarket to buy almonds.
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