Do you think it would be possible to sub honey for the sugar?

  • Posted by: Emily
  • March 11, 2017


E March 13, 2017
In a recipe with such few ingredients, the sugar plays a vital role in creating structure so if you sub out the honey (a liquid that doesn't tend to turn crisp with the addition of heat) for the sugar (solid that melts in the oven, but then solidifies again once cool), so I don't think you would end up with a crackle cookie. It would still taste good with the honey, I'm sure, but it would likely not have a standard cookie like structure / would fall apart if you tried to eat it like a cookie.
cranberry March 12, 2017
I'd go look up a macaroon recipe that uses honey vs one that uses sugar and see how they compare, then adjust this recipe accordingly.
Kristen M. March 12, 2017
Hi Emily, I haven't tried this with honey, and while it may not be the same, it's hard to imagine those 3 ingredients turning into something terrible. It takes so little time to stir together, it's no big risk. (Do use parchment though, so clean-up is easy.) Please report back if you do try it!
Nancy March 11, 2017
In the short run you will get better results using a cookie recipe that already has honey & where someone else has done the recipe testing and refining.
But if you like this recipe and want use honey, research how to covert from one sweetener to another & make a test batch. Then taste and enjoy, or revise as needed.
Greenstuff March 11, 2017
Typically, when you substitute honey for sugar in a recipe, you also lower the amount of liquid. There's no liquid in this recipe, so I can't imagine you'd get a texture you were happy with.
MMH March 11, 2017
Why do you want to do that?
MMH March 11, 2017
I just noticed that your tag is sugar free. Sugar is sugar whether it's granular, honey or fructose.
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