I have two small plates (11'x6') (wooden,small sloping sides, rectangular) and I want to make food for the plates for some reason. Any ideas?

So I have these plates and they look really cool. They are sort of small though. What can I make that I can put on them? Please no sushi. :)

  • Posted by: hans
  • February 4, 2017


Lost_in_NYC February 5, 2017
Samosas, spring rolls, lettuce cups
scruz February 4, 2017
chicken and beff satey and peanut sauce. some sliced pineapple and mounded rice.
Michele February 4, 2017
I would make a cheese plate with nice crackers, crusty bread, radishes and olives. If you are lucky enough to have some little pewter serving knives that would be perfect! Actually I would do what Sam said - his sounds divine!
Sam1148 February 4, 2017
Individual charcuterie: Piles of sliced meats; sausages, good ham, mortadela, a slab of pate. Then assorted cheeses, crackers, flat breads. candied walnuts, olives and a blob of mustard.
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