My mom is doing chopped home edition, I need ideas I have 10 minutes to thinks!

I got dry roasted and salted peanuts, plain yogurt, tomato paste, and a jalapeno cheese bagel... I NEED TO MAKE AN APPETIZER. What should I make I have 10 minutes to think!!!

  • Posted by: hans
  • February 5, 2017


C S. February 6, 2017
That is pretty impressive, you did well. Congratulations.
Rachelwrites February 5, 2017
That looks delicious. I would love to hear more about this party and how the other dishes turned out.
hans February 6, 2017
Thanks! It was very tasty indeed. So basically, I am 16 and love to cook. I wanted a challenge in order to improve my improvisation skills in the kitchen and how to use weird or alien ingredients and make something tasty. So I asked my mom if she could put on a smaller version of Chopped for me. She went to the store and got those ingredients for the appetizer and then got me some cherry sours, beef jerky, a few pork chops, and a few squashes. So basically, I made a sour squash sauce using squash and cherry sours. I pureed the sours and the squash with some lemon juice and a dab or two of yogurt. Then with the beef jerky, I broke some of it up into small pieces and the other I figured out how to withdraw flavor from them so I cooked the jerky and porkchops together and it gave the chops a nice smoky taste. Then I had some extra squash so I made a small "mashed squash" with the chops which had butter, a tiny bit of basil, and milk in it. Then I plated it and it tasted like heaven. All in 60 minutes. :D
Angela February 5, 2017
Sorry no one replied earlier! What did you end up with?
My first thought is a creamy tomato soup, thickened with blended peanuts, and croutons from the bagel?
hans February 5, 2017
It is totally alright. :) So since this was an appetizer, I went light. I made crostini (small bread slices) from the bagel which I toasted in the oven. Then I took some spicy Italian sausage and cut it up and threw it in a pan with some olive oil. Then while that was cooking, I took the yogurt and chopped the peanuts up and threw them in the yogurt with some cilantro. Then I mixed it all together with some orange zest. I pulled the sausages apart (two forks pulling opposite directions) and then added the tomato paste and let that cook about a minute. Then I added some graded pepper jack cheese to let it melt in. So basically, the sausage looked like ground beef pretty much. Then I plated the crostini and then put the sausage on then added the yogurt sauce. It was soooo good. Here is a picture. :)
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