Northeasteners -- anybody snowed in and doing some serious cooking in honor of the storm?

I actually came to work where they have proceeded to feed us all day.



QueenSashy February 9, 2017
I am making tamarind glazed short ribs. I got some real tamarind yesterday, and squeezed the pulp with my own bare hands :) while watching the snow... The flavor is just amazing.
LisaD February 9, 2017
I am a Mainer temporarily living in North Carolina, where the temperatures plummeted, but the sun in still shining. But in honor of the snow, I'm preparing winter food for a small dinner party tonight. It happens to be an Ottolenghi-themed affair: Shanghai beef and turnip stew, a side/starter of gingered tomatoes with butternut squash (insanely good), and a variation of his poached pear recipe in this week's NYT. (No saffron and no kataifi to be had, but I'm doing the pears and the feta creme.) It would be an AWESOME meal for a snowy day.
pierino February 9, 2017
On the West Coast it feels like cassoulet weather to me. Yet another wave of rain on the way.
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