Can you make the braised short ribs in wine and vanilla in a slow cooker? For how long? Of course I'd do it after braising the meat. Could use a...

... London Broil

  • Posted by: john
  • February 13, 2017


caninechef February 16, 2017
I see a lot of slow cooker recipes listed via google but I have to wonder. London Broil just does not seem like a very good candidate for slow cooking to me. Something like a chuck roast( or thick steak) would seem a better replacement.
ChefJune February 16, 2017
Braising is the very thing you WANT to do in your slow cooker. Did you mean to say browning?
Lindsay-Jean H. February 15, 2017
Hi John, this is a very general response, but this article might help as a starting point for you:
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