My husband wants to rotisserie wild ducks that we were given. Any tips, hints or recipe recommendations?

They ducks were frozen in water. We think there are 3 ducks in the bag. We have never cooked duck before. I'm looking for a good rotisserie recipe or words of caution if that is a bad idea, as well as ways to utilize the leftovers.



Exbruxelles February 14, 2017
Oh, my. I have walked in your shoes and that's exactly what I ended up with: Duck shoes. Unlike their domestic counterparts, wild ducks--at least in my experience--are very lean, tough and stringy. Although I don't ever plan to cook one again, if I did it would be after a long marinade and very long, slow, wine-rich braise. If you or your husband are intent on using a rotisserie for these poor ducks, marinate them well and have something else to eat. Duck shoes are about as appetizing as they sound.
HalfPint February 13, 2017
I would check out Hank Shaw's blog for roasting wild duck,

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