Vintage Le Creuset enameled cast iron Dutch oven has a broken looped handle. Advice on how to fix. LC corporate can't help.

I have a vintage (circa 50's-70's judging by its ridged bottom (part of pan that touches the flame). It is my mother's that I have "taken". It broke during Hurricane Sandy and got stashed in the attic where I recently found it. The enamel has held up well with no chips. One of the looped handles is missing and I do not have the broken piece. I am hoping to get it fixed, possibly by a welder or bathtub business. Has anyone had any experience with this? I have reached out to Le Creuset but they cannot guarantee that they can replace it. Much appreciated to all my fellow Food52ers!!



irina February 14, 2017
I would let them try. They may come up with something that works for you.
Mary J. February 15, 2017
Unless they have different policies for vintage pans, if they can't fix, they will replace or offer major discount on a new replacement, and will not return the original piece sent to them. So, if you want this piece for the sentimental value, I would try the other suggestions first. Might be able to find an artist that works with cast iron and/or ceramics that might be able to help.
Nancy February 14, 2017
You might ask around on social media if anyone has a spare handle or otherqise unusable pot from which you could cannibalize a part.
Otherwise, for aesthetics, maybe replace both handles.
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