does anyone remember a dish made with leftover potroast and pillsbury parker house dad called it pinwheels stuffed w/ prairie dog m

popular in the mid atlantic area in the early 60's... may be served with a sweet sauce or gravy literally they were circles of the dough with the meat stuffed they sort of looked like wagon wheels ... I know this is vague but both parents are dead and I have no idea where to start my search so I thought here was a good place to start....thanks

Big G-man


BerryBaby March 24, 2017
Pillsbury has many recipes of these on their site. I'm going to try the one with ham.
AntoniaJames March 23, 2017
This recipe from a 1934 Dept. of Agriculture pamphlet (search in the book for "pinwheel") on Google Books might be helpful -
One of many reasons I am so grateful for Google's vision and initiative in scanning so many otherwise unavailable resources. ;o)
AntoniaJames March 23, 2017
I've never had it, but my mother was an avid collector of recipes from the sides and backs of boxes, wrappers, etc., which were all family favorites. I learned a few years ago that all the companies that for generations posted recipes (without exception, thoroughly tested and reliable, I might add) now have websites. Some of the really old recipes we "discovered" and tried when I was a girl are actually online now. I therefore did a quick search and got this:* This would be a good start, if you're up to adapting. You could also contact Posie Harwood, a regular contributor here, who has posted quite a few old recipes from the sides of boxes and packages. I know that she has some books, too, that are collections of old name-brand favorites. She may be able to help you out.
Good luck! ;o)
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