I just made Jim Lahey's no-knead bread for the first time, according to the directions in the Genius Recipes cookbook, and the loaf stuck to the bottom of my pot. Anyone else had this problem, or have any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

Jesi Nishibun


dsullyo April 4, 2017
I have made it in a dutch oven with the parchment option but I had equally good results in just a cast iron skillet. No lid required.
Timothy R. April 4, 2017
Hi Jesi, Some people put their bread on parchment paper before putting the dough in the dutch oven or lodge combo cooker. Also, did you use a dutch oven? I can't speak for standard stock pots or other containers. Finally, I personally think that Cooks illustrated had a WAY better version that Jim's. They added a tiny bit of dark lager and vinegar to give that loaf a bit more flavor. In my opinion, Jim lahey's bread is decent, but a little bland. Good luck!
jeanmarieok April 3, 2017
I use a parchment sling in the pot. Use it to lower your dough into the pot, and to pull it out.
Theresa L. April 3, 2017
Cornmeal or parchment always works for me.
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