Instant Pot - who’s using it and what is successful? My first cookbooks are badly edited.

  • Posted by: Tom
  • March 18, 2019


ktr March 18, 2019
I use mine quite frequently. Pork and beef roasts are some of my favorite things to cook in it. I use it mostly for pieces of meat that are normally tough such as wild game.
laura March 18, 2019
One of the first things I tried was EmilyC's recipe here: It gave me a good sense of how well and fast the instant pot can tenderize pork shoulder, and is a great template for other brothy, meaty dishes that would otherwise take hours in the oven (I made a beef version using beef shank and soy-ginger-star anise broth that followed a similar strategy and also turned out well). This is good too:
Tom March 18, 2019
I’ve hardboiled eggs to success and made Beef Stroganoff to a dismal ending when the original recipe did not suggest nearly enough liquid to later steam the egg noodles and develop a sour cream sauce... going to try butter chicken next. Thanks for your response.
Megan March 18, 2019
I agree- this is one of the most successful instant pot recipes I've tried. I'm not a huge convert, but it is a useful appliance for some things.
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