A question about a recipe: Tiramisu Cupcake

I have a question about the recipe "Tiramisu Cupcake" from Oh Sweet Day!. what do you mean by "3 pieces whole eggs" and "3 pieces egg yolks"? What is a 'piece' of an egg?

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  • Posted by: brandie
  • April 12, 2017
Tiramisu Cupcake
Recipe question for: Tiramisu Cupcake


Oh S. April 13, 2017
Hi! Just 3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks! It was when I thought we had to put an unit before we move forward.
PieceOfLayerCake April 12, 2017
The way recipes work on this site, there's an option for a "unit" after you enter the quantity. If the options listed (cup, teaspoon, gram, piece, etc.) aren't appropriate for the ingredient, there's an option to leave it blank but its not very clear. It's easy to think that picking an option is necessary in order to continue.
C S. April 12, 2017
I am guessing she means 3 eggs and 3 egg yolks - with piece being the unit of measurement rather than cups or ounces or some other measurement. It is not a piece of an egg, but 3 eggs.
brandie April 12, 2017
Thanks bunches C Sangueza, that definitely makes more sense. Hubby will be so happy to come home to these babies! Happy baking! :)
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