pork shoulder rillettes

I have two 2+ lb, bone-in pork picnic roasts. I had wanted to make pork rillettes, but I just noticed that they don't have the nice layer of fat on top. Am I right in thinking these don't have enough fat to make good rillettes? What should I do with them instead? Roast 'em low and slow 'til they fall apart?



PieceOfLayerCake April 12, 2017
You can also make rillettes out of the fat that renders from the meat and enough of the pork to make a nice consistency and use the rest of the pork for another purpose?
hardlikearmour April 12, 2017
I use country style pork ribs (which are pretty similar to shoulder) and add lard or duck fat to make rillettes. You want about 1 cup fat per lb of meat. Here's the technique I use -- you don't have to smoke the meat -- https://food52.com/recipes/15430-smoked-pork-rillettes
brbarrett April 12, 2017
huh! I do have plenty of lard. thanks for the tip!
Jessica April 12, 2017
I believe you can still make rillettes. Once the pork is cooked (with herbs, garlic etc), shred and put into containers, top with melted butter. American test kitchen has a great recipe in thier D.I Y. cookbook that I've made several times.
brbarrett April 12, 2017
Thanks, I'll check it out!
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