is there a good way to make egg salad without dill? And what is a good side dish to egg salad sandwiches?



luvcookbooks February 16, 2011
Like the egg salad in Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton's Cooking at Home, homemade mayo makes it a great dish, otherwise Hellman's, add enough salt and some pepper, mustard, scallions, slivered red, yellow and green peppers so it's pretty and crunchy. On the side, pickles and original Ruffles and a tossed green salad. Lemonade.
ChefDaddy February 14, 2011
I just like ol' regular salt and pepper only. A little mayo or a homemade aoli served with a pickle and some carrot and celery sticks with a few olives. Just like my grandmother served to me as a child on sunny summer afternoons under the shade tree.
Raquelita February 13, 2011
i like finely chopped fresh parsley and chives! another great flavor booster is a dab of prepared horseradish; i only use mustard and yogurt in mine, never mayo...still nice and tangy
susan G. February 13, 2011
First egg salad I discovered when I was cooking on my own has you throw unpeeled garlic cloves in the water when you cook the eggs, then mash the pulp into the eggs, with some curry powder. Inspiration for the '60s.
ellenl February 13, 2011
chopped celery, bit of dry mustard, scallion/chives/onion/shallots, regular sweet relish, bit of mayo or whatever you'd sub. for the mayo--we love this egg salad.
drbabs February 13, 2011
I don't like mayonnaise so if I make egg salad (rarely), I use lots of spicy mustard and cornichons and chopped olives and fennel or celery.
aargersi February 13, 2011
Curried, with pickles!
Aliwaks February 13, 2011
I love chives with egg salad too... My favorite side with egg salad sandwiches is salt & vinegar chips... Not exactly a side dish but great combo!! What about a cucumber salad? Thinly sliced w/ onion, vinegar & touch of salt & sugar??
MaryMaryCulinary February 13, 2011
I use shallots and chopped red bell pepper. Add a bit of Dijon mustard to the mayonnaise for a bit of zest.
limonana February 13, 2011
I make egg salad with chopped scallion or chives, with garden cress. Or spiced with hungarian paprika or wasabi.
davidpdx February 13, 2011
Sure. Hundreds of herbs/spices/flavors go with egg salad: tarragon, thyme, capers, olives, cumin to name a few. just search your pantry for flavors you like. Asparagus could be a nice side.
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