Q. I want to make my egg sandwiches more appealing, any suggestions



B B. September 28, 2020
Yummy Sandwich recipe..most easy recipe of egg sandwich
Nora November 18, 2010
My mother made egg salad with finely chopped green olives and a little brine from the jar. A little mayo, a dash of smokey paprika. She also thoroughly smooshed the egg whites rather than leaving them lumpy. I do the same and everyone loves it.
nutcakes November 18, 2010
humm, I wonder which it is? fried egg sandwich or egg salad sandwich. I thought Tiggy Bee's suggestion would be good with egg salad too, use aioli to bind it.
mrslarkin November 18, 2010
I like all those ideas.

If it's fried, put some nice cheese on it. And bacon! A nice, big, fat, toasted English Muffin would be grand!

If it's egg salad, mix in Tobasco, top with sliced avocado, and watercress. And bacon! Put it all on a good-quality pumpernickel bread.
TiggyBee November 18, 2010
That's funny, nutcakes - I interpreted the question as more of a fried egg sandwich. Egg salad never occurred to me!! Your link looks yummy!! : )
nutcakes November 18, 2010
You didn't say how you are making them now?

add pickle relish or chopped olives

I used to combine tuna and egg salad filling for sandwiches

put a layer of smoked salmon on it

try Martha's curried one

TiggyBee November 18, 2010
Serve it on a crusty baguette with some fresh arugula, gruyere and a nice aioli & bacon too!
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