Hi! Please let me know what type of cake pan is best for this cake? I di not have a ceramic but do have a glass pyrex 9x13"- someone mentioned th...

...at cracked when she added the milks so I'm worried...thank you in advance

Coconut Tres Leches
Recipe question for: Coconut Tres Leches


Ali W. April 24, 2017
When I made this cake I baked it exactly on a pyrex 9x13"pan and it came out fine. Just keep an eye on it, it might need less time in the oven. I think pyrex gets hotter than ceramic so mine was a tad over baked. Still delicious.
PieceOfLayerCake April 19, 2017
Well, you don't have to pour the milks over when the cake is right out of the oven. Its a sponge cake, so it will soak up the liquid if its just warm. Its true that if you pour cool liquids over hot pyrex that you could have a cracking/exploding situation on your hands, so I would advise you to never do that. But, if the milks are room temperature/slightly warm (try microwaving them for a few bursts), and the cake isn't scalding hot, you should be fine with a pyrex dish.
aargersi April 20, 2017
What she said :-)
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