I'd like to pump up the coconut flavors

Would the recipe be affected by using coconut (palm) sugar, coconut sweetened condensed milk & coconut cream (whipped) or w 1/2 whipped coconut cream & 1/2 heavy cream?

Coconut Tres Leches
Recipe question for: Coconut Tres Leches


AntoniaJames September 8, 2021
I'm interested in knowing what changes you made, Cosmiccook, and how they turned out. I recently substituted coconut sweetened condensed milk for regular sweetened condensed milk in a recipe for macaroons and was not entirely satisfied with the result. The consistency of the coconut sweetened condensed milk (the brand I bought at Whole Foods Market) was thinner than regular sweetened condensed milk, and did not seem to have as rich a coconut flavor as I expected.

I do a fair bit of baking for someone who cannot have dairy products, so I will be experimenting more in the future with using coconut sweetened condensed milk. Any insights you can provide would be most appreciated! ;o)
cosmiccook September 9, 2021
For all the added cost I wasn't thrilled w the results. I agree, the coconut products didn't have the enhanced flavor I was going for, and the end texture didn't appeal to me. Palm sugar didn't achieve heightened results. Coconut cream did NOT whip up as advertised so I had to sub w heavy cream. I think if one has a Isi cream dispenser it would probably work, but again different texture. Keep in mind I forgot the baking powder (or what ever was called for) so the entire project was an epic fail. I don't know if there are other sweetened condensed coconut brands that might perform better?
aargersi June 6, 2021
I think that sounds great! It’s not a fussy cake so do with it what you will!
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