I Forgot the baking powder; SMDH!

How bad of a fail will my cake be w/o the baking powder I forgot to add? I didn't even realize it till cleaning up. I was distracted while making the cake. Its REALLY going to be a "shallow" cake.

Coconut Tres Leches
Recipe question for: Coconut Tres Leches


aargersi June 26, 2021
You could crumble it up after you soak it and layer it with cake, whipped cream, berries and WALLA! Trifle!
Happygoin June 25, 2021
I think anyone who bakes has made this same sort of mistake at one time or another.

The good thing when you DO do it is, you’ll likely never do it again because you get so annoyed with yourself.
cosmiccook June 26, 2021
@Happygoin, not the first time sadly and probably not my last. Even mise en place doesn't always save this too much multi-tasking cook~
drbabs June 25, 2021
I can’t add much to what AJ said, except to tell you you’re in good company. I left the baking powder out of a cake I was making for my in-laws— he is a fabulous baker. The cake didn’t have the advantage of tres leches so there was no hiding it…. It didn’t rise and it looked awful. Trés embarrassing! I ended up throwing it away. I hope you don’t have to.
AntoniaJames June 25, 2021
Well, it will won't rise much (the eggs might help a bit), but it will still be delicious. Eat it like a pudding.

I see from the photo for this recipe that they put it in a baking dish, not a traditional cake pan so it's not intended to be cut into neat slices or squares - which means you picked the perfect cake for this little mishap!

Do tell us, please, how it turns out. ;o)
cosmiccook June 26, 2021
Well as we all expected, not much of a rise. Chewy, but edible--. I also wish I'd gone with my first inclination of cooking in a baking dish (like the photo), and not what recipe states.
On the plus side, I browned the butter and that upped the flavor factor. I forgot to add a little rum. I did use all coconut milks, condensed, evaporated in lieu of whole and coconut cream instead of whipped. Forgot to chill the Coconut cream so no whip factor. Wound up whipping cream and adding the coconut to it. Oh and ALMOST burned the coconut. Like I said, a distracting day. It'll all go though. I prefer the more spongy type of cake this dish typically known for. https://patijinich.com/tres_leches_cake/
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