Ginger Conundrum

I have a recipe that calls for 2 cubes of ginger, how big is a cube & how do I convert that to ginger paste or ground ginger. Ginger root is not always available, I live in a rural area.

Danielle Rupp


Maedl April 26, 2017
Based on your description, I think the recipe means crystallized ginger--it is candied ginger preserved in sugar. You can find it both sliced and cubed.
Nancy April 26, 2017
Some recipes say a cube is an inch on all sides, others say smaller.
Guessing from experience, that probably gives 1-2 tablesppons paste or could be replaced (not exact same taste) by 1 teaspoon dried.
1) order fresh ginger, cut in chunks, store in freezer (lasts for months).
2) if the recipe has sweet notes, use crystalized ginger, which will give you sugar but also some of the bite of the original.
Even if you like ginger and are converting it to another format for this recipe, start with the smaller end of the conversion factors. It's sometimes impossible to fix a dish with too much (salt, ginger, whatever) but you can always add more.

ktr April 26, 2017
The only time I've seen ginger cubes is in the form of crystallized ginger. What is the recipe?
Danielle R. April 26, 2017
its a ginger glaze over pork, calls for some liquid a few spices and 2 cubes of ginger and you put it in the blender and pour over a pork loin in the crockpot
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