Recipe for unwhipped egg whites?

Anyone have a recipe for unwhipped egg whites? Long story short, I ruined a batch of meringues by recklessly dumping in frozen nuts, and the whites will no longer whip. All my cakes recipes require whipped whites.

Jennifer W


Lmkltk May 10, 2017
Payard's flourless chocolate walnut cookies.
Nancy May 9, 2017
Or throw in a few more ingredients to make sweet frittatas
dinner A. May 9, 2017
These very good chocolate cookies:
They are kind of like a meringue, but because you don't whip the eggs they turn out chewy and kind of fudgy. I've made them with or without the cocoa nib suggested, and with pepitas subbed in for the walnuts (for a nut-allergic friend) and they were good all those ways, so I'm sure whatever nuts you put in would be good too.
creamtea May 9, 2017
Yes, yes! I was thinking of these too! They are really good. I think the recipe was also in the NY Times, just before Passover one year.
HalfPint May 9, 2017
I would use them to make granola clusters/bark. You already have nuts in them so why not add rolled oats, dried fruit, etc .

Smitten Kitchen has a couple of granola recipes that uses egg white (whipped frothy only).

Jennifer W. May 9, 2017
Good idea!
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