Could you add a way to view recipes most recently added by community members?

Back when I first started following Food52 there was a way to see "newest recipes" that weren't featured or "community picks." I miss being able to keep track of and browse through recipes being added by regular members, not just what the site decides to curate. I wonder if anyone else feels this way too.

  • Posted by: hg1788
  • May 10, 2017


amysarah May 11, 2017
I also miss the 'newest recipe' feature. I understand there are reasons for changing the home page (and lots of content vying for that real estate) - but I wish it could have been retained, even if in some less prominent form.

The editors have stated many times that they want F52 to remain community based and work hard to evolve it with that in mind. So needing a 'work-around' simply to keep up with members' recipes feels rather at odds with that intention. That 'newest recipe' feature may not have been as eye-catching as some other initiatives, but it was really useful - and in a simple way reflected how central community was to the site's identity.
ktr May 10, 2017
I think there have been quite a few people who have voiced that opinion in hotline threads over the past several months. I agree that this was a nice feature and would enjoy having it back.
There was a work around posted by AntoniaJames (originally shared by MrsLarkin) recently. Use this link and it will taken you to the recipes with the newest listed first.,booze-free-drinks,bread-rolls-muffins,breakfast-brunch,cake,candy,cocktails,condiments,cookies,desserts,entrees,hors-doeuvres,ice-cream-frozen-desserts,pies-tarts,pizza,salads,sandwiches,side-dishes,snacks,soup,stews&o=newest
hg1788 May 10, 2017
Thank you!!!
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