Recipe calls for 2 cinammon sticks; how much ground cinammon should I use instead?

The recipe calls for 2 cinammon sticks, which I don't have. Once cooked for 1/2 hour, I'd remove the sticks. How much ground cinnamon can I use in its place to result in the same effect?

  • Posted by: Erica
  • May 29, 2017


Shuna L. May 29, 2017
I might start with 1/8th of a teaspoon, or a pinch. The effect the recipe is calling for is a light infusion of scent, not a flavor, specifically. Also ground connamon has a texture. If it were me, I might just leave it out altogether, or use a spice like whole cardamon, whole coriander seeds or even whole peppercorns.
Erica May 30, 2017
Thank you! This was very helpful!
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