Help! My braised pork is too cinnamon-y. I used this recipe: What can I do (now)?

I followed the recipe exactly, too (which is rare for me). Do I just have a super strong kind of cinnamon? The sticks were big and fat, so I actually only used one, but broke it down the middle. Is there anything I can add to tone it down? Help!! Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



Greenstuff November 19, 2011
More tomatoes was my first thought as well. I just did a braised pork tonight too, and I used a lot (a lot!) of tomatoes I'd roasted in the oven with olive oil. Mine had no cinnamon, but I do think that the intense sweetness of all those roasted tomatoes could have swallowed a lot of spice.
vvvanessa November 19, 2011
maybe serving it with a drizzle of sour cream will help?
sdebrango November 19, 2011
I did the same thing once with cinnamon, I just kept adding more ingredients except the cinnamon of course to tone it down, I agree with drbabs just add extra of whatever is in the stew.
drbabs November 19, 2011
Wow, it's surprising that it has such a strong cinnamon taste--maybe because you broke the stick down the middle and exposed more surface? Anyway, can you add more tomatoes, bay, olives, anchovies and wine and try to over-shadow the cinnamon? Heat might help, too, but you can't eat peppers, right? Did you taste it over the polenta? I'm thinking the polenta may tone it down some, too. I'm not sure this is helping--good luck--I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon so I feel your pain.
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