Amba sauce - brand recommendation

I have a new love for breakfast: sabich. It seems like a pretty straight forward dish/sandwich to assemble except for the amba sauce. Any recommendation for a good brand? Or even a good uncomplicated recipe?




creamtea May 30, 2017
My recipe for Amba is included in this recipe (which was a F52 finalist):
HalfPint May 30, 2017
Perfect! Thank you, @Lisanne.
Nancy May 30, 2017
Agree...your Amba sauce is on my list to make soon!
Nancy May 30, 2017
Limor Laniado Tiroche had a recipe in Haaretz 2011, which I have loved & made repeatedly, used for gifts, picnics, etc. Cannot locate online now. But it is simplicity itself. For 4:
Saute slices from 1-2 lb eggplant. Boil 4 eggs to hard cooked stage, peel & slice. Make simple Israeli salad (tomato & cukes).
Stuff 4 pitas with the above
Provide one or more garnishes for people to add to taste:
Amba (as you mentioned), other pickle, tahini sauce, hummus, preserved lemon (cut in smallish dice), zhoug or other hot sauce.
On Amba, I use whatever I can find in the exotic section of the grocery or Indian provisions store. Have not yet found a favorite.
Another simple recipe that is, yes, available, from Bonnie Stern at National Post:
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