Cultured buttermilk or Lemon + Milk trick buttermilk for fried chicken

Hi everyone :)
Which buttermilk is best for fried chicken?
Cultured Milk or lemon + milk trick buttermilk work well?

Ronan Gow


PieceOfLayerCake June 12, 2017
With my experience with buttermilk in general, cultured milk tends to have more body than homemade buttermilk which would lend itself to fried chicken because it would stick better. If you're just marinating it, you could probably get away with either....but I use buttermilk to create a coat for the flour to stick to.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 12, 2017
I haven't made fried chicken before, so rather than weigh in with pure opinion, I'm going to point you to this article with the opinions of experts!
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