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I am looking for nutritious vegetarian recipes to make and freeze before baby arrives. Please send suggestions!

asked by Jenny Rushlow 5 days ago
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added 5 days ago

I have not frozen any of these, but I think they would freeze well. I have made all these and love them.
These should both freeze well (I adapt the bolognese to be vegetarian not vegan, ie I use real cheese).
Additionally, I think lots of vegetarian meatball/burger type things freeze well too, of which there are lots on food52:
The meatball/burger recipes might require whipping up a quick side or salad, but the main should freeze well! The vegetarian swedish meatballs and mushroom gravy recipe is one my all time favorite meatball recipes, and I'm not even a vegetarian.
Hope this helps!

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added 5 days ago

I take that back, I did freeze the lentil bolognese once, still tasted great.

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Lisanne is a trusted home cook.

added 5 days ago

Here was a hotline question that offered suggestions for freezable vegetarian meals (though some might advise steering away from anything too spicy if Baby is colicky and you are breastfeeding): https://food52.com/hotline...

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added 5 days ago

Soups! Just pick up Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison's Kitchen and make every one you like the sound of. I freeze in straight sided mason jars to have one portion ready for lunch, but ziplock freezing takes up less space.

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dinner at ten

dinner at ten is a trusted home cook.

added 5 days ago

I really like freezing sauces -- they don't take up as much space as a fully pre-made meal, but get you a lot of the way there. A few favorites I listed here on this thread, which you might find useful as well: https://food52.com/hotline...
One sauce I forgot to mention there is a walnut sauce that I love as with sauteed, roasted, or even steamed/boiled zucchini, asparagus, or broccoli on pasta, from the restaurant A16 by way of Orangette: http://orangette.net/2009...
Thai peanut sauce also freezes very well, and quickly dresses some roasted or steamed vegetables and tofu over rice or noodles into a meal. I like this recipe, but with a lot less sugar (maybe 2-4 T per recipe?): http://shesimmers.com/2009...

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Meg is a trusted home cook.

added 5 days ago

Lentil dal freezes well, also black bean chili and chickpea curry. Pasta fagioli without the pasta. Lasagna in portions. Stuffed shells.
Can recommend specific recipes if desired.

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Nancy is a trusted home cook.

added 4 days ago

Almost anything you like from Katzen's Moosewood Cookbook (original or 40th anniversary edition). Two recipes that are especially tasty and freeze well are the Brazilian Black Bean Soup (really a vegetarian version of fejoiada) and the Rice Pudding.

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added 4 days ago

The easiest thing I can think of is this. Rice and peas. It forms a complete protein. Cook whatever rice you like best and freeze it in portions you will eat. Defrost or microwave to reheat the rice. Add frozen peas which will defrost in the heat of the rice and will not be mushy. Stir. When you are dead on your feet this is great. Did it many times.

One last suggestion is that you make best friends with your lactation nurse. Get her cell phone number!

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