Urgent blood coming out from chicken

Im cooking drumsticks in the oven and i see dark red blood ozzzing out of it. I made some slices prior to putting it in the oven. And is there a proper tempeture to cook them in? Im completely new to the kitchen please help.

Dania Munoz


nancy E. July 5, 2017
The blood normally comes out of chiken by the bone when you cook it. Why did you put slices in it? If you leave the meat intact you get a much better finished dish.. Most people cook chicken at 350 degrees. I like starting at 450 and then turning down to 400 after 10 minutes. There are excellent videos on youtube that can help you learn to cook. Good luck, it is the best and most loving thing to do
scruz July 6, 2017
chef john, food wishes channel on youtube, has a recipe in which you do slash thighs (and i sometimes do drumsticks too) and the marinade is able to penetrate and flavor the chicken and it speeds up cooking time. however, it doesn't sound like the questioner had marinaded the chicken but i just wanted to add this.
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