A question about a recipe: Green Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread)

I have a question about the recipe "Green Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread)" from Erin McDowell. What is a good substitute for goats cheese in this recipe?

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Nancy July 6, 2017
There are also fetas made from sheep's milk and cow's milk which could replace goat cheese.
Or, use a creamy cheese with some more flavor than just cream cheese or mascarpone.
Stephanie B. July 6, 2017
If it's supposed to replace a crumblier goat cheese, I often use feta or cojita. I find those both have a distinctive taste so they can hold their own and add a new flavor component to the dish (as goat cheese is usually meant to do), but without tasting like goat. Queso fresco is also a good substitute for a mild flavor.
Regine July 6, 2017
You can also try "queso fresco," a Mexican cheese. I also sometimes use feta cheese. I myself dislike goat cheese.
Exbruxelles July 6, 2017
I'd use either ricotta or mascarpone, mixed with a little yogurt.
Erin M. July 6, 2017
Any soft, spreadable cheese would work well!
Erin L. July 6, 2017
Great! Thank you so much, by the way your book looks AMAZING and I'll definitely be buying it :)
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