and on another note, I have 5 perfectly ripe bananas on my counter...

I made banana bread last week, and I can always freeze for smoothies. The dogs love bananas too, so that's an option. I'd really like suggestions for recipes though. Send your ideas, please!

Stephanie G


Emily July 9, 2018
Google "six banana banana bread." (You can get buy with five.) A-maz-ing. Cook them with brown sugar, a little cream, and rum, and make bananas foster bread. (Or just screw it and make bananas foster!) Summwertime is great for banana splits. Freezing isn't just for smoothies - they're great snackls right out of the freezer. Banana cakes with cream cheese icing are fancy, banana crumb muffins are great snacks, even oatmeal cookies with banana and peanut butter (add a little bacon and chocolate if you're channeling Elvis) are good. Banana pudding takes you back to childhood.
nancy E. July 8, 2018
I was told it is delicious to add over ripe bananas to rhubarb jam. Who knew?
Nancy E. July 8, 2018
Chocolate Chip Banana Bars from the California Heritage Cookbook.
Ttrockwood July 4, 2018
+1 for banana ice cream
Literally just peel, freeze in chunks and then blend with whatever other ingredients. Great with a gob of nutella swirled in, or stir in some chopped toasted walnuts, or blend together with berries.
Best eaten as soft serve right after blending, it gets really hard if you blend and freeze for later.

Also the crazy two ingredient banana pancakes that were posted here, 1 banana + 1 egg = 1 pancake. Also flexible to top with some blueberries or nuts or whatever is on hand. Extra delicious if you make in a pan with generous coconut oil!
Esvee July 3, 2018
This coconut banana bread is incredible:
Maria G. July 1, 2018
Banana Nutella Bread! Yummy.
liz G. July 1, 2018
Make one-ingredient banana "ice cream": peel, cut into chunks and freeze. then puree the frozen chunks in food processor until smooth and silky. Refreeze and use as you would use ice cream. If you want to go a step above basic, you could fold in ribbons of honey, mini chips --- chocolate, toffee, PB --, granola, or whatever you like, before refreezing.
Celia W. July 1, 2018
In a Garten's Banana Chocolate Crumb Cake ...uses at least 3 and is my go-to cake. It won't last long!!
Linley June 21, 2018
Banana cake with a tangy lemon icing my kids loved when they were little..I ALWAYS freeze overripe bananas..the peel goes black in the freezer and the flesh goes yellow and mushy, runs out like a gross yellow slimy worm..but it makes the BEST cakes, keeps them so much moister
BerryBaby June 21, 2018
Cut them into bite-sized chunks.
Freeze slightly, then dip them in melted dark chocolate, keep them plain or sprinkle with finely chopped nuts or coconut immediately. Place on parchment lined baking sheet and freeze until firm. Remove from freezer, place in ziplocked bag for a quick snack on a hot day.
Smaug June 20, 2018
Never eat anything banana flavored that isn't a banana- why not eat them?
HalfPint June 20, 2018
My 2 favorites:

chocolate banana bread (see Smitten Kitchen for recipe)
banana jam
BerryBaby June 20, 2018
You may enjoy my Chocolately, Cocoa Muffins. The recipe is posted on my profile. They are addicting!
Nancy June 20, 2018
Flavored vodka or rum
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