Any good flippers for eggs?

I don't want to use a metal flipper on my nonstick pans, but my plastic ones just cling to the eggs (even when I spray them with oil). Does anyone know of a good flipper for eggs?

  • Posted by: Diana
  • July 13, 2017


AntoniaJames July 14, 2017
May I suggest the small silicone one from Oxo -- also recommended by Serious Eats, so you know it's got to be good: As noted there, it's called a "cookie turner" but it is absolutely perfect for eggs. ;o)
Diana July 14, 2017
I should have known Serious Easts would have answered this exact question. Thanks!
MMH July 14, 2017
Yes. I don it all the time. The edges are. Urged which really helps. Is a scraper with a scoured off spoon shape. There is more than 1 size. I prefer the smaller.
MMH July 14, 2017
Edges are curved - scraper with squared off spoon shape
MMH July 13, 2017
Pampered chef makes rubber scrapers safe to 500 degrees. They came in several sizes. I really like them. I can get in there and do what I want. My other Half likes spatulas safe for nonstick. I think they are too combersome and bulky. They have no precision.
MMH July 13, 2017
I also like them because I can push the egg white around and shape the egg.
Diana July 14, 2017
Can you use those to safely flip an over-easy egg?
Nan July 13, 2017
Funny I've been looking myself and to no avail. I bought a inexpensive one from a supermarket and one from WS eggs stick to both. Ugh
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