vegan mac and cheese

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Stephanie G


Stephanie G. July 17, 2017
Thank you Caninie Chef. We were having dinner guests who are vegan and my daughter wanted to try vegan "mac and cheese". I'm thinking that it can either be delicious or ghastly, so I was wanting solid recommendations. It's funny, though, we actually went with roasted tomatoes over linguini, which was delicious and vegan.
caninechef July 17, 2017
I am the last person in the world to provide vegan info but I wonder if you might like the results of using a recipe that uses a tomato rather than milk based sauce. Growing up we always had mac and cheese made with cheddar, butter and home canned tomatoes. it did not come off as an unseasoned Italian baked pasta but had an appeal all its own. Such a recipe would reduce the amount of substitutions needed. It is also quick; there is no cream sauce or roux to make, just dump in the tomatoes and cut up cheese and top with a layer of more cheese.
Stephanie G. July 14, 2017
That's very interesting. I would have never thought of that. Thank you!
Tryumph July 14, 2017
I just trick out regular mac and cheese with almond milk for the milk, use olive oil for the butter and and make a roux. There are some really good vegan cheeses out there. I don't know if we can use brand names, but just google them and find one you really like.
702551 July 14, 2017
I don't see why you can't mention a brand name in a user Q&A forum like this.

As long as you aren't getting silently compensated by the company in question, I see no problem with you saying, "I buy this stuff and it works for me in this preparation."

However, saying "nothing else works as well as ____" is a more perilous statement. Of course, you could reword it so you say "nothing else I've tried works as well as ____" for a more responsible answer.

It's really a matter of how you present your opinion that might be an alarm. State your observation in the correct language and sleep comfortably knowing you have not fibbed or mislead anyone.
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