What are your favorite vegan recipes

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Anitalectric November 29, 2011
Here's the recipe!

Anitalectric November 29, 2011
At the moment, it is seitan skewers cooked under the broiler (chunks of seitan marinated in olive oil, rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper), alternated with the usual suspects: green pepper, tomato and onion--served over seasoned rice. And since this is the time of year for comfort food, I am loving my mom's eggplant stew (cubed eggplant, onions, canned tomatoes and chickpeas, sauteed and finished with coconut milk and Middle Eastern spices). So easy, yet so good.

The last thing I would say is a kale and artichoke calzone with extra tomato sauce from Roberta's Pizza. That's a place near my house that makes pizza so good, you don't miss the cheese.
drbabs November 25, 2011
I'm not a vegan but I did a search for you of the community picks on this site that are vegan recipes:
pierino November 25, 2011
Marshmallows out of the bag. Leftover Halloween candy.
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