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I'm looking for the best coconut cake recipe. Non-traditional coconut cake would be great--Maybe with chocolate?? I need suggestions, please!!

This is for my partner's birthday (the ultimate coconut lover).

asked by Zoe Sasson 11 days ago
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added 11 days ago

Tartine bakery has a coconut tres leches cake. Full disclosure: I haven't made it yet so I don't know if it's the best coconut cake, but it sounds really good. http://www.baketard.com...

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Nancy is a trusted home cook.

added 10 days ago

Not chocolate, but from Rose Levy Beranbaum (of Cake Bible fame) and Southern Living magazine (region which loves coconut cake):
RLB heavenly coconut cake
10 coconut cakes

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added 10 days ago

Thank you! Love Rose Levy Beranbaum. That looks fabulous!

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Pegeen is a trusted home cook.

added 10 days ago

I've made Ina Garten's cake several times successfully. Do read the comments, though, in case you have preferences. Happy b'day to your partner.

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added 10 days ago

Wow, this looks wonderful. Thank you!

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PieceofLayerCake is a trusted source on baking.

added 10 days ago

For layer cakes, I personally like to take simple, reliable recipes and put them together in unique ways...so instead of looking for a "chocolate coconut cake", I'd take a fabulous coconut cake and find a way to incorporate a chocolate component in the layering process, like a ganache or a chocolate buttercream, and then find a way to throw more coconut in there since chocolate has a pretty dominating effect.

If it were me....I'd bake that RLB coconut cake, because she's amazing....and then fill it with a chocolate ganache, frost it with a 7 minute frosting and cake it with toasted coconut....but that's me...and I tend to be extra.

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added 10 days ago

What about a Hummingbird Cake? Ben Mims has a delicious version.

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dinner at ten

dinner at ten is a trusted home cook.

added 9 days ago

I once made a coconut cake that I filled with a passionfruit curd, and frosted with whipped cream that I'd included some coconut milk in. It was great! I used this cake recipe from Joanne Chang: http://cackalackyfoodie...

and this recipe for passionfruit curd: http://www.foodandwine...

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added 8 days ago

Have you tried this one? https://food52.com/recipes...
So good!

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added 8 days ago


Stella Parks, who contributes to Serious Eats, just wrote a recipe for Coconut Cake. It looks amazing!

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added 7 days ago

Thank you so much, everyone, for your fabulous suggestions! I am going with the RLB coconut cake, using the frosting from Joanne Chang. I'm going to toast shredded coconut for the top, and then I'm going to crush up nice dark chocolate for the final topping. :) I'll let you know how it turns out!

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added 5 days ago

Use the biggest unsweetened flakes of coconut you can find for the toasted coconut topping. Martha Stewart uses a vegetable peeler to get big shavings from a fresh coconut and it looks very dramatic.

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June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 7 days ago

Here you go! This is my most requested cake, and one of the most popular here on Food52. https://food52.com/recipes...

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added 7 days ago

Have you tried Coconut carrot cake ?

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