Is a butane torch supposed to have Styrofoam in it?

I just got one, I'm not sure if the sytrofoam is supposed to come out or not.

Ahmetia Campbell


HalfPint July 19, 2017
The styrofoam should come out. I believe it's just packing material. You don't need styrofoam to use that torch and I have yet to see a torch with it, in the design structure. Not to mention, the fuel will probably dissolve it.
PHIL July 19, 2017
doesn't sound right but can't help you without photos or at least model info.
PHIL July 19, 2017
Styrofoam and fire don't play well together. Not sure what you mean by "in it", post a picture
Ahmetia C. July 19, 2017
Inside the portion where the fuel is supposed to go
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