Have you noticed how kombucha has disappeared from the shelves in stores, apparently because it is fermented, therefore alcoholic. Does anyone know where this stands? Will we have to brew our own (you can buy a culture at some brewing shops) if we want it?



Sagegreen September 17, 2010
Thanks. There is a microbrewing shop in Brattleboro VT where I could buy a culture, but I am afraid that it will make so much, it may take over my house. Thanks for the update. Let's hope it returns in a month!
Lena S. September 17, 2010
You will have to make a road trip to Canada!
TiggyBee September 17, 2010
Sagegreen, I have been devastated with the Kombucha off the shelves at Whole Foods! ; )
GT Dave's is my favorite and they are coming back in about 30 days and unchanged in it's formula. It will be sold as a microbrew is what I understand. In the meantime, I am still saving three bottles that I have left over from a case that I bought months ago, still can't bring myself to drink them, for fear of being out completely! At least I still get to look at them! : ) - here's their facebook page:

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