I knocked some cigarette ash into my coleslaw mixture - how bad can it be if I mix it in? Is ash ever used in any recipes?


obleak1 February 22, 2011
Is this Ruth Bourdain?
pierino February 20, 2011
Ash, although not cigarette ash, can be used in making cheese. Not coleslaw however.
testkitchenette February 20, 2011
I hope you are kidding.
ADS February 20, 2011
I once had a particulalry awful dessert at at restaurant in Barcelona- the whipped cream was flavored to taste like a cigar ash....really vile.
Toss it.

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Food52 February 20, 2011
We're enjoying your "unusual" cooking dramas, and subtle sense of humor. Looking forward to helping you with a real question someday soon.
drbabs February 20, 2011
Really bad. Don't do it. Please.
Jake February 20, 2011
That might be gross. Wood ash is used in nixtamal (processed corn) but only as a way to break down protein, then it's washed away. Tobacco ash + cigarette additives won't taste good in food. No judgement, but if you smoke while cooking, doesn't it make all your food taste like cigarettes?
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