Is there an acceptable substitution for the Castelvetrano olives? I'd love to try this. Thanks!

Candied Olives
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boulangere February 21, 2011
Thanks for the good information. I'll see what I can find. Now for some coffee.
Zomg February 21, 2011
typo, oops! **though. If you...**

That's what I get for typing before coffee...
Zomg February 21, 2011
Thank you latoscana for jumping in with a great answer! Castelvetrano olives are firm and bright and don't compare well to other olives in the olive bar. I imagine lucky people in olive country might have access to comparable varieties, though If you do go with something else make sure the olives are firm and maybe dunk them in a change or two of water to dilute the brine. I hope it turns out for you!
boulangere February 20, 2011
Thank you so much! That helps me a lot.

latoscana February 20, 2011
I am sure Zomg has an idea about this but I'll just mention that Castelvetrano olives are very different from other olives. They don't require much curing so they retain a bright green color and have a sweet, lightly salty flavor. Most varieties of olives require months of brining just to be edible, giving them their very salty taste.
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