I bought some tamarind paste, any suggestions for use. Non-meat suggestions please.

  • Posted by: sheredel
  • February 23, 2011


pauljoseph February 24, 2011
today we made this tamarind chutny
pauljoseph February 24, 2011
add the masala into this vegetable with little oil and hot water cover and cook for few minute you can make a very good sweet and sour curry http://www.food52.com/recipes/9704_ready_to_use_masala_paste
gigiaxline February 23, 2011
If you like hot sauce, you can use in this recipe. I made it and it's awesome! Full of flavor...http://www.barefootkitchenwitch.com/the_barefoot_kitchen_witc/2008/05/google-hot-sa-1.html
puresugar February 23, 2011
My mom used to make us popsicles out of the tamarind syrup mentioned above. Ratios for turning that into a granita or sorbet?
latoscana February 23, 2011
This tamarind-guajillo chile glaze was presented for turkey but it's incredibly delicious to drizzle over roasting veggies (recipe from Sunset):
Sadassa_Ulna February 23, 2011
I recently posted this recipe, it is loosely based on the ingredients in worcestershire sauce, which contains tamarind: http://www.food52.com/recipes/9435_hot_and_sunny_seeds
pauljoseph February 23, 2011
Try this sweet and sour ginger curry or make a Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup A kind of rasam http://www.food52.com/recipes/4374_inji_currysweet_and_sour_ginger_sauce
ellenl February 23, 2011
Canh chua, the fabulous Vietnamese soup and some Thai soup recipes---see Alford and Duguid and Chiva-Som spa thru epicurious.
Panfusine February 23, 2011
Make Rasam...its a light consomme like soup from Southern Indai
substitute the cranberry with ~ 1 tsp of tamarind paste. and add in one chopped tomato.

Rasam powder spice is available at any Indian store, or..you can make up your own by coarsely grinding together 1 tbsp each of coriander & cumin seeds, 2-3 dried red chillies,
1 tsp of dried pigeon peas.
Angela @. February 23, 2011
Tamarind is often used in Indonesian recipes. You should be able to find a good Indonesian cookbook at the library or go exploring on the web. Have a peanut sauce recipe? Try adding a small amount of tamarind, thinned and diluted. Also, my Rujak (fruit salad) recipe calls for it. http://www.food52.com/recipes/8836_rujak_indonesian_fruit_salad
lifestooshort February 23, 2011
If you like Indian food, tamarind is a main ingredient in a lot of dishes. I would try a sambar or maybe a Keralan fish curry. There are lots of recipes online.
Burnt O. February 23, 2011
It makes a terrific, refreshing drink! In a pitcher, whisk together 2 cups boiling water, 1/4 cup packed brown sugar, 3 TBL crystalized ginger, and 2 TBL tamarind paste until the mixture is combined well. Let steep for 5 to 6 minutes, then add a TBL of lemon juice and let the mixture cool. Strain it through a fine sieve set over another pitcher and chill for 2 to 3 hours. Divide the cooler among tall glasses filled with ice cubes and a mint sprig.
Anitalectric February 23, 2011
I forgot to mention, add grated coconut to the rice, too (1/4 c. for every cup of rice). That is the best part! You can use sweetend or unsweetened.
Anitalectric February 23, 2011
Make coconut rice! Saute some garlic, when it's golden stir in rice and cook until translucent. Add water and coconut milk (subsitute half the water you would have put in normally for the milk) AND tamarind paste, about a spoonful. To really get it evenly distributed you can blend the tamarind into the coconut before adding. Season to taste with your favorite spices (I use cumin).

It is so good! You can also use it in curries. Same idea as before, add along with the coconut milk in your curry recipe for a nice hint of sour flavor (which I love).

You can blend some tamarind with agave nectar, strain through a sieve, and mix the resulting syrup with soda water for your own homemade tamarindo drink. It is so refreshing.
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