Are there any other uses for masa harina besides making tortillas?



Midge September 21, 2010
I use it to thicken enchilada sauce; gives it a nice texture too.
AntoniaJames September 19, 2010
Great suggestion, ChezSuzanne. I'll have to remember that! Healthierkitchen, I haven't had tamale pie in years (since the boys were much younger), but have had a lot of fun looking at several very old recipes for it. I'm going to make some this week, taking the best aspects of the three recipes I have to create something new and better. I'll post my own recipe next weekend!! ;o)
TheWimpyVegetarian September 19, 2010
A quick and easy use of masa harina is to use it as a dredging flour. You can mix some chipotle powder or smoked paprika in with it along with some salt on a plate or shallow bowl. To make fish tacos, for example, roll some fish pieces in the masa mixture and pan fry. It gives a great flavor and texture to the fish.
pierino September 18, 2010
Double ditto on the tamales, but you will need to pick up some corn husks to wrap them in---good thing to do around the holidays if you have helper elves.
healthierkitchen September 18, 2010
Would love to see that tamale pie recipe AntoniaJames!
amysarah September 18, 2010
Tamales (as has been suggested already), but also you can make empanada dough with masa harina - a more delicate texture than made with regular white flour and a more earthy taste too.
AntoniaJames September 18, 2010
Tamale pie, made in a casserole dish starting with a bottom layer of harina cooked like polenta, spiked with chilis if you like, then a layer of a thick but quick chili-like mixture to which you've added some corn kernels and some good black or green olives, chopped, then another layer of the harina mixture, topped with queso of whatever type you like. Bake and serve with sour cream and fresh salsa. Kids love this stuff. Will see if I can find a recipe you could adapt and update, in one of my decades-out-of-print and never famous sources, and/or my great aunt's version. Stay tuned. ;o)
katiebakes September 18, 2010
There are some Mexican drinks that use masa harina.
aargersi September 18, 2010
I use it to thicken my chili. I think it would be good in and sort southwesty kind of stew. Hmm ... maybe posole? I also used it as a binder for my albondigas (the super fine kind)
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